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Noisily is an 18plus electronic music festival set in a holistic environment in celebration of psychedelic art & culture. Nestled in the rolling hills of Leicestershire, just a stone's throw from Grantham, Noisily Festival stands as a vibrant celebration of underground electronic music. Grounded in nature and guided by environmental consciousness, Noisily offers a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Attendees are invited to dance, create, learn, and connect amidst the woods, embracing a diverse array of electronic genres from Techno to Jungle. While the festival champions individuality and collective understanding, it doesn't shy away from its core: "a proper f%cking party". Attendees must be 18 or older, with a strict Challenge 25 policy in place.

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Tickets can be purchased through the Noisily Festival Website. Study the info pack sent with your tickets to find out about parking and access times.

Extras include:


Your Noisily ticket includes access to the camping fields. There is glamping, or Boutique Camping available.

You can book accommodation outside of the festival and travel in each day. Be aware however that there is no local public transport.


There is deliciously affordable food available from on-site traders! Unless you are in a campervan, there is no cooking permitted in the camping fields. There is a communal cooking area however, so bring your pots and pans.


The festival takes place a few miles from Grantham, Leicestershire, East-Midlands, UK. The exact post code will be sent with your ticket.

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If you have any accessibility requirements, please visit the Noisily Festival Accessibility Page, or make contact via one of the Festival's social media platforms.

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