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OutCider Festival stands as a testament to authentic festival experiences, nestled in the picturesque Mendip hills just south of Bristol. This festival brims with fantastic live music, refreshing cider, and an atmosphere that's both electric and intimate. Distinctly set apart from the mainstream, OutCider boasts over 35 acts performing across two unique barn-covered stages, ensuring attendees are immersed in a diverse musical landscape. Beyond the music, the festival is a celebration of camaraderie, as part of the larger "Fuelled By Cider" family. With an ethos that shuns tribute bands and mainstream acts, OutCider is a haven for those seeking an unfiltered, old-school festival vibe, an experience that resonates with the heart and soul of true festival spirit.

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You can follow links to tickets to from the main OutCider Festival Official Website, you'll then be redirected to payment gateway, you'll see all "Fuelled By Cider" festival tickets which include Cursus and InCider festivals, so please make sure you select the OutCider festival. Here is a link which filters the OutCider tickets.

Options include:

  • Saturday & Sunday Ticket (includes tent camping for Saturday and Sunday night.)
  • Friday Add On Ticket (early access to the site and Friday night camping.)
  • Thursday Add On Ticket (only valid when used with a Fri/Sat/Sun ticket)
  • Carers Ticket (for the carer of someone who is entitled to full DLA/PIP.)
  • Day Ticket (Choose from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. These tickets do include camping on the night of the ticket, must leave the site by midday on the following day.)

Extras include:

  • Parking Pass
  • Live in Vehicle Pass (standard or large pitch)


OutCider is a camping festival, please bring your own equipment.


OutCider Festival takes place at Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin, Somerset, BS40 6LD

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For accessibility information please contact "Fuelled by Cider" directly, or email help@fuelledby.com.

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