Wilderness festival performance photo showing person in chain-mail suit with electricity sparks coming out from head and hands.



Wilderness is a multi-arts and music festival. There is literally so much to see and do, a perfect weekend get-away. The festival is located at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, which boasts two lakes (wild swimming included) and a whole forest to explore!

Wilderness Festival 2022 After Movie


Ticket options are available from the Wilderness Festival website, from camping to glamping to day-passes.


Wilderness is a camping festival, so please bring your own equipment. Glamping options are also available.


Wilderness Festival takes place at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire. The site is large so there are multiple post-codes depending on your ticket type. Please see the "getting here" page on the festival website for detailed information.


Wilderness Festival has a dedicated Access Team, working alongside Attitude is Everything volunteers to ensure the Festival is accessible for all.

Visit their Accessibility Info Page to find out more.