Our light festival, people praying under firelight.

Our Light



Our Light Festival: A Beacon of Collective Awakening, a unique blend of healing, celebration, community, and co-creation. The festival invites you to dive deep into the wisdom of nature and our hearts, to envisage and craft the pathways of the New Earth. Held against a backdrop that overlooks undulating terrains and the vast ocean, this gathering stands as a testament to the one divine light that flows through all of us, urging us towards unity, freedom, and harmony.

With every sunrise over seven glorious days, attendees will be embraced by the comforting ethos of community co-creation, healing, and sustainability. Immerse yourself in activities that breathe life into our shared dream of a planet thriving in balance with nature. With every shared meal, art, music, and dance, we are reminded of our deep-seated connection with the world around us.

Fire show at Our Light festival August 2022


Tickets to Our Light can be purchased from Ticket Tailor.

Options include:

  • 7 Days (includes 2 vegan meals each day)
  • 3 Days Weekend

Extras include:

  • Sauna Full Week
  • Children Food Ticket


Our Light is a camping event, please bring all relevant equipment you will need.

Please bring plates/ Bowls, cups and cutleries for meals and drinks to minimise waste.


Our light Festival takes place near Melplash, West Dorset, DT6 3UD. The full location and more information is given following a ticket purchase on the ticket confirmation.

Near Melplash, West Dorset


For Accessibility information, please contact the festival organisers.