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London Short Film Festival



The London Short Film Festival (LSFF), now in its 20th year, stands as a beacon of independent filmmaking. As a BAFTA and BIFA qualifying event, LSFF is internationally recognised for its bold creativity and nurturing of new talent, defying the era's austerity and conformity. Each January, the festival enlivens the city with ten days of exceptional short films, engaging live events, and insightful Q&As. From over 5,000 submissions, LSFF meticulously curates a selection of 250-500 British and international films, alongside workshops and panels for industry professionals. Committed to diversity, LSFF shines a light on filmmakers and artists from various backgrounds, celebrating both the avant-garde and the historical gems that have shaped the industry. LSFF is not just a platform for emerging talent but also a homage to the trailblazers of independent cinema.

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London Short Film Festival


Tickets to London Short Film Festival screenings are found via the published programme. You can filter screenings by date, venue, or category. Choose the film you're interested in to find out a little more about it and then follow the bookings link provided.


Please arrange your own accommodation, LSFF is not a camping festival.


London Short Film Festival screens films in cinemas in and around central London. See the upcoming programme for more information.

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LSFF is committed to accessibility, with captioned screenings, BSL interpretation, and wheelchair-accessible venues. A Safe Space Policy ensures a respectful environment for all. For full details, visit LSFF Accessibility.

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