Festival Packing Checklist

Ensure you've got everything for your festival adventure!

Build Your Checklist

Step One

Check the categories that are appropriate for your trip!

Step Two

Check how much stuff do you want to carry!

Your Packing Checklist

Step Three
Check off items that you've sorted or don't need.
Remember, it'll definitely maybe rain ☔

Absolute Essentials

Don't leave home without these!

Personal Items

Here are some reminders (check if they don’t apply to you).

Camping Gear

Camping Tool-Box

Campfire (where allowed)


Food & Drink

Here are a few things to remember:


It’s great to shop at festivals, perhaps pack a item of clothing less with resolve to buy at the event!?


First Aid


Kids come in all shapes and sizes!

Step One

Select your kid's age

Step Two

Select how much stuff you can carry!

Pre-school Kids List

Primary School Kids List

Secondary School Kids List

Have fun, be safe!

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