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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a celebration of arts and culture, an exhilarating feast of diverse creativity, from the not-so-good to complete genius! The Fringe has grown from a handful of uninvited acts in 1947, to over 3000 performances in venues across Edinburgh. There are also free Street Events (see below) for all passers-by to enjoy! The Fringe's fundamental philosophy is to be an open access festival that welcomes anyone with a desire to perform and a venue prepared to host them. No single person or committee decides who is allowed or not allowed to play during the Fringe.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023: Wrap-up


Tickets are available (June - August) online at or over the phone by calling +44 131 226 0000.

Alongside in-person events, many Fringe performances are now available online, either streamed live or available on-demand. The Fringe Society, a registered charity, is the organisation which oversees the festival.

Street Events

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival's street events turn the city into a pulsating canvas of free performances. Over 500 buskers bring music, magic, and more, while professional street performers blend comedy and circus thrills. Living statues surprise passersby, and festival vendors offer unique skills. Family-friendly and interactive, these events encourage audience participation for an unforgettable experience. Safety is a priority, with staff ready to assist, especially with lost children. Performers thrive on your donations, so if you enjoy a show, feel free to contribute, but a simple "thank you" is also cherished. For assistance, look for the red-shirted Fringe Street Team or contact them at or +44 (0) 131 226 0032.


Edinburgh Fringe has partnered with Stay22 which provides an interactive map (see below) of accommodation options. You can check availability and prices, and use filters to suit your budget and number of guests. (If you have any issues, please visit the Fringe Website directly.)


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place at venues all over Edinburgh. Getting around you can walk, cycle, catch buses, use the tram, taxis and rickshaws. If you are using your own car please be aware that parking is limited and plan your journey as best you can. Please see this link for more information.

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Access enquiries and ticket bookings are handled by a dedicated crew at the Fringe Box Office. Please contact them via email, or call 0131 226 0002.

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