Edinburgh Fringe


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a celebration of arts and culture, an exhilarating feast of diverse creativity, from the not-so-good to complete genius! The Fringe has grown from a handful of uninvited acts in 1947, to over 3000 performances in venues across Edinburgh. The Fringe's fundamental philosophy is to be an open access festival that welcomes anyone with a desire to perform and a venue prepared to host them. No single person or committee decides who is allowed or not allowed to play during the Fringe.

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Alongside in-person events, many Fringe performances are now available online, either streamed live or available on-demand. The Fringe Society, a registered charity, is the organisation which oversees the festival.

Tickets are available online at edfringe.com or over the phone by calling 0131 226 0000.


Access enquiries and ticket bookings are handled by a dedicated crew at the Fringe Box Office. Please contact them via email accessbookings@edfringe.com, or call 0131 226 0002.